Guidance for Empowered and Peaceful Lives


From personal growth to relationship support or your physical wellbeing, working one-on-one with Teressa will allow you to find peace, power, and clarity in daily life.

Holistic Life Coaching

Professional Coaching

Workshops offered in Stress Management, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for corporate/small business staff support

Workplace Wellness Coaching


Well-being - Sand and Stone

Integrated Wellbeing Workshops

Outdoor Yoga Session

Explore this ancient and powerful science that allows you to reach your fullest potential in being happy, healthy and whole.

Kundalini Yoga

“Teressa provides a nurturing and safe setting for healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. She is profoundly kind, compassionate, and wise. Teressa has taught me countless powerful lessons about acceptance, self-compassion, and trusting my own instincts. Her instruction in meditation and breathing practices has been astonishingly helpful for dealing with difficult emotions.

I feel a thousand times more empowered and capable of directing my own path than I did when I first started sessions with Teressa almost three years ago.

I am no longer having several anxiety attacks a week. I am so grateful for Teressa accompanying me on my journey of healing with unconditional acceptance and positive regard for me. The worth that she helped me see in myself has made me the self-assured, calm, and confident person I am today. “

~ Liz

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